Election 2021

The federal government has called an election that is set to take place on September 20, 2021. There is an opportunity to advance and elevate animal welfare by communicating with your local candidates to ensure that they know how important animals are to you, during this election and in the future.

Our voice is strongest when we work together towards a common goal: elevating animal welfare within Parliament. We want animal welfare to be an issue during this election. Our mission is to increase the visibility of animal welfare in constituencies across the country by:

✔️ Ensuring all candidates hear from you about the importance of animal welfare

✔️ Asking all parties include animal welfare in their election platform

✔️ Building relationships with prospective new members of parliament so animals are represented

We need a government that is concerned about everyone in Canada, from the most vulnerable to those without voices that depend on us. Our Policy Platform and Election Toolkit will help you know the right approach to engaging MPs and be ready with the right questions about Animal Welfare when a candidate knocks on your door. 

Our Policy Platform asks “If your party is elected, what will you do to create a humane Canada for all animals?” Humane Canada created the following recommendations as a guide to developing a more humane Canada today.

The 2021 Policy Platform includes:

To further learn more about our recommendations, please click on the buttons below to review our Policy Platform document and our French version.

Our goal is to continue to build momentum and elevate animal welfare because Canadians believe animal welfare issues are very important. The Election Toolkit includes tactics that will help you:

✔️ Be an active part of this election

✔️ Choose animal welfare issues that matter to you

✔️ Review options that work best for you

✔️ Engage with your candidates

Click on the button to download the Election Toolkit:

Animal welfare refers to an animal’s physical and psychological well-being and is determined by how an animal is coping with the conditions in which it lives. Appropriate animal welfare legislation is required to ensure they are protected from suffering and cruelty.

Canadians need to see strong support from all parties to support these issues and provide the legislative protection animals deserve.

Please click on the party picture below to review each election platform. For a quick guide to what each party is doing for animals, once on the platform, search (CTRL/Command + F), and enter the word “animal”.

5 Main Political Parties

Are you ready to contact your local candidates about Canada’s important animal welfare issues? If so, you can find them by entering your postal code on the Elections Canada website.