For Individuals

The Legal Keystone Report is about understanding Canada’s legal system for animals and whether it is humane. The report identifies serious problems to be addressed and lays out a roadmap of practical solutions to make our country more humane.

  • Read the Legal Keystone Report and educate yourself about the ways animals are not adequately represented in Canada’s legal system.
  • Think about how you can personally take action to support greater accountability in the law when animals are harmed. A few examples might be:
    • Have conversations with friends and family about what a humane country looks like.
    • Meet with your local MP or write to them about what needs to change.
      Find your local MP.
    • Share information and ideas on social media or via email.
    • If you’re part of an organization that works on these or related issues, check out this page.
Ever wondered what a humane country looks like? Humane Canada is measuring this progress and recently released their Legal Keystone report! Read it here: Click To Tweet