Nobody’s Pet Insurance

Nobody’s Pet Insurance

What your policy covers:

Total Peace of Mind

You want to know that Canada’s animals are protected!

From updating Canada’s animal cruelty laws to improving standards of care for millions of farm animals to training police, prosecutors and social workers about the link between domestic abuse and animal abuse, your insurance policy tackles the root causes of animal abuse and works to provide a strong animal protection system.

National Response System

You want to know that we are working together!

We are the national organization representing Humane Societies and SPCAs nationwide, working together to amplify the voice of the voiceless. Your policy provides support, training and education including helping to end companion animal homelessness in Canada. In 2020, we will launch an accreditation program to strengthen and standardize shelter practices, helping to build a strong community response to animal welfare.

Happier, Healthier Lives for All Animals

You want to know that someone’s got this!

We work closely with industry experts to develop best practices and improve laws for animal welfare and protection, bringing a national voice and perspective to ensure we build a more humane Canada for everyone. It’s this advocacy that helped us secure higher penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty, greater protections for police, military and service animals, strong bestiality and animal fighting laws and ended the captivity of whales, dolphins and porpoises for good.

Don’t leave animals without coverage – get Nobody’s Pet Insurance now.