Canadian Violence Link Conference

Registration Opens July 2021

About the event

Animal abuse often occurs before or alongside the abuse of people. This is known as the Violence Link. In a social system that is over taxed and underfunded, the sector marginalizes animal welfare even though evidence shows there is greater benefit in acting holistically, thereby providing better support for victims and reducing the vulnerability of animals and people.

The Canadian Violence Link Conference is an innovative, ground-breaking event that examines the link between interpersonal abuse and animal abuse, looking at the vulnerabilities in both populations and how they intersect. This biennial conference brings together criminal justice system stakeholders that work to prevent and address violence against people or animals for cross-sectoral training on how to collaborate and stop the cycle of violence.

What to Expect

The National Violence Link Conference is an opportunity for stakeholders whose work intersects the Violence Link to gather, learn and network. You will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Violence Link and learn about the latest trends and intervention strategies designed to end the cycle of violence. This two-day conference will feature interactive, engaging sessions where you can network with professionals in your region, learn how to break down silos and build important relationships that will assist you in your day to day work.

Learning and Networking Opportunities

  • Skills to examine the correlation between human vulnerability and animal vulnerability
  • An understanding of the root causes of animal abuse and its connection to interpersonal and societal violence
  • An ability to identify the indicators of interpersonal violence and the steps to responding
  • An ability to identify the indicators of animal abuse and the steps to investigation and prosecution of these crimes
  • The opportunity to create new networks and relationship that will enhance your work toward ending violence
  • The opportunity to explore community-level partnerships and collaborations


Who Attends

The Canadian Violence Link Conference is a professional event for justice system stakeholders whose work involves or potentially involves the Violence Link.

Attendance Qualifications

Registration to the conference is limited to a first come, first served basis.

To qualify to attend your work must intersect or potentially intersect with the Violence Link. This can include professionals from the following sectors (please note this list is not exhaustive):

  • Social workers
  • Victim services
  • Law enforcement
  • Animal cruelty enforcement personnel
  • The judiciary
  • Anti-violence advocates
  • The gender-based violence sector
  • Law and policy makers
  • The prosecutorial community
  • Animal welfare advocates
  • Policy experts
  • Veterinarians, RVTs and other animal care professionals
  • Academics
  • Eldercare agencies
  • Correctional services
  • Child advocacy groups
  • Representatives from/for underrepresented groups such as Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ2S+ and rural communities etc.


Registration Opens July 12, 2021

Humane Canada’s 2021 Online Canadian Violence Link Conference is a MUST attend event if you are interested in learning more about the Violence Link and how to better serve your clients (both human and animal).

Humane Canada™ understands the financial challenges brought on by COVID-19. In order to make this online conference affordable and inclusive for everyone, we have significantly lowered the conference registration fees. Moreover, when you attend this online event you are also saving on accommodation and travel costs.  

Special registration fees are available for Humane Canada™ members, associates and students. To find out if your organization is a Humane Canada™ member click here. To find out if your organization is a Humane Canada™ associate click here.

Ottawa Violence Link Workshop

Humane Canada, will be hosting a special half day Violence Link Workshop , specifically for professionals working in the Ottawa community. These individuals will have the opportunity to attend the main National Violence Link Conference, and then work on practical solutions and collaborations with partners in the Ottawa region at the half day workshop. To find out more, click here.

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