Corporate Commitments to Farmed Animal Welfare

Consumers in Canada and around the world continue to demand humane animal products, pressuring retailers, food suppliers and producers to make changes to farming practices in their supply chains.

As consumers continue to educate themselves on the realities of farming in Canada, consumer attitudes towards the treatment of pigs and laying hens in particular have changed dramatically. This has more and more retailers, suppliers and producers from across the globe making commitments to phase out cruel farming practices such as the use of gestational and farrowing crates for pigs and the use of cruel battery cages for hens.

It is an important part of our work at Humane Canada, also known as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, to alert consumers about which retailers, suppliers and producers have made commitments to animal welfare so that they may choose products that reflect their own ethics about the treatment of farmed animals.

Vote for improved animal welfare with your consumer dollars! Download Humane Canada’s list of the commitments that have been made by retailers, suppliers and producers around the world to phase out gestation stalls for sows and shift to cage-free housing for layer hens. This chart is updated on a regular basis to reflect new or changing commitments to animal welfare.