Ask the Government to protect octopuses

Act now to help spare captivity and suffering!

Did you know that the first ever industrial-scale farms are being developed around the world to breed and slaughter cephalopods, like octopus, for human consumption? Each farm has the potential to slaughter up to 60,000 animals per year. 

Octopuses are intelligent, complex animals who experience pain in a similar way way to mammals, and mass-farming poses a significant risk to their welfare. 

Due to multiple on-farm diseases and unknown pathogens, these farms also pose serious health risks to the local habitants, animal populations and environment. The One Welfare concept recognizes this interconnectedness and the importance of protecting animal welfare, human welfare and the environment together.

A new House of Commons e-Petition, e-4312, needs your signature! Speak up for the tens of thousands of marine animals facing a cruel and inhumane future by asking to ban the importation of farmed cephalopod products into Canada, and prohibit the breeding or raising of cephalopods in captivity on Canadian territory:

“Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”

― Roy T. Bennett