What do human and animal abuse have in common?

Have you heard that Humane Canada is presenting Canada’s first national conference on the violence link in December?

If you aren’t familiar with the violence link, it’s the proven link between violence against animals and violence against people. This can manifest in many ways, including a pet being harmed or killed after a woman leaves an abusive relationship or a serial killer practicing his or her abuse on animals before moving on to human beings. Over the last decade, this pattern has come to be known as the violence link.

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Uniting for cats and birds

For decades, cat people and bird people have been at odds with each other. But the welfare of one does not need to be sacrificed in order to protect the other. We have a responsibility to all of this country’s animals and need to work to improve the situation for both cats and birds. Pitting them against each other fails to address the perils facing both. Solutions for our embattled birds are necessary, but we can’t lose sight of how dire the situation is for Canada’s cats.

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How women are creating a humane Canada

As a young girl, my first love was my dog Patty, a beautiful golden Cocker Spaniel who used to collect rocks and line them up on our back porch. She would patiently let me stroke her long nose and make her floppy ears dance in the air. She was, to say the least, very tolerant of my childish antics. After Patty, a string of succeeding loves came as I grew up – Copper, Pokey and Casey (a Springer Spaniel, a Black Lab, and a Yorkie respectively) and, of course, our indignant cat, Sneaker. They all helped shape my childhood and left their mark on me in some way, but the true force behind it all was my mother.

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