Anne Sutherland

Anne Sutherland is a strategist, team facilitator and thinking skills instructor. She started her career in advertising, where she discovered her passion for human behaviour. Her 30 years in research and strategy were driven by her curiosity to uncover insights and make them actionable for companies like Bell Canada, lavalife, Unilever, Hudson’s Bay Companies, and Volkswagen. Anne taught Creative Problem Solving, Strategy and Innovation for 13 years at OCAD University. In 2014, she founded the independent school Thinking U – the critical thinking and creative problem solving studio where you learn to put best practices into practice. Whether through her consulting on new thinking or her volunteer work, Anne’s life passion is to help people and organizations imagine and then work towards a better world. She co-founded a movement called Citizen Capitalism that inspires individuals to do their part to change the world by living their values and acting on them every day. She supports Evergreen’s goal of creating a sustainable world by enabling flourishing cities. Her love of animals led to becoming a Board Member with Humane Canada™ in 2015. Anne lives in Toronto with her three best friends: husband Andy, son Garrett and golden retriever Finn.