Canadian Violence Link Regional Workshops

Addressing the link between violence against people and animals

Join us online this fall and learn how we can work collaboratively as a society to end the VIOLENCE LINK in Canada

What is the Violence Link?

Violence against animals and people co-exists in society, and they’re often characterized as part of a larger pattern of violence, which is known as the ‘violence link.’ Animal abuse is often linked to gender-based violence. By working separately to end violence against people and animals, we are limiting the effectiveness in both areas.

The Canadian Violence Link Regional Workshops bring together leading experts in the areas of law, behaviour, enforcement and interpersonal violence. The workshops will be hosted online in three Canadian cities (to be confirmed) highlighting compelling new practices and brief research to advance criminal justice and social service responses to the violence link. 

Why These Workshops?

The workshops are a response to the call for more collaboration to explore the violence link. It is the gathering place we need to bring together all of the professionals working to address abuse against animals and people in Canada.

Who Is This Conference For?

Everyone who wants to understand the violence link between human beings and animals.

  • Police officers, police chiefs and administrators,  
  • Paramedics and other first responders,
  • Enforcement staff at humane societies and SPCAs,
  • Veterinarians and other animal care practitioners,
  • Crown Prosecutors, the Judiciary, government and policymakers,
  • Mental health and social service specialists,

and other front-line workers from across Canada who wish to take a step in the social, psychological and moral behavioural change towards a humane society.  


  • Animal abuse is often linked to gender-based violence, and the conversation on this link is long overdue. By working separately to end violence against people and animals, we’re limiting our effectiveness in both areas.
  • Violence against animals and violence against people are not distinct and separate problems. They’re part of a larger pattern of violence that often co-exist. Over the last decade, this has come to be known as the ‘violence link.’
  • Thanks to Humane Canada™, Canada’s work on the violence link has started to gain momentum.
  • In recent years, animal cruelty enforcement teams have started to work with police and other law enforcement to share knowledge, strategy and expertise. This integrated response to investigating and prosecuting violence of all kinds may have the power to prevent future violence against both animals and people.
  • Since Humane Canada™ started bringing attention on the violence link in Canada, we are seeing more clearly how the vulnerability of humans affects the welfare of animals.

About the Canadian Violence Link Coalition

The Canadian Violence Link Coalition is a group formed in 2018 to monitor and analyze the issue of violence link carefully. It offers regional workshops that aim to provide training and make knowledge more accessible to groups and societies working in the response system to human and/or animal violence. The workshops aim to create spaces of exploration regarding the violence link, building networks and encouraging participants to boost understanding of the violence link regularly.

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Stay tuned for more information about the 2020 Canadian Violence Link Regional Workshops coming this fall

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