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Gift of Securities and Mutual Funds

Donating securities, such as stocks or bonds, to Humane Canada offers a philanthropic and financially savvy way to support animal welfare. This method of giving provides significant tax benefits to you as a donor. When you donate securities directly to a charity, you avoid paying capital gains tax that would otherwise apply if you sold the assets and then donated the cash proceeds. This means a larger portion of your investment goes to supporting the cause.

Additionally, as a donor, you receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities on the day of the transfer, further reducing your taxable income. This method of donating not only maximizes the value of your gift but also leverages tax advantages to benefit both you and Humane Canada, enabling more resources to be directed toward protecting and advocating for animals.

We make the donation of securities to Humane Canada easy by partnering with Canada Helps.

For information on Securities and Mutual Funds

Please contact:
Tara Hellewell, Director, National Engagement

1-613-244-8072 ext. 17