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What would a Humane Canada look like?

In Canada, we have established rules to protect people's rights and ensure accountability when harm occurs. Similarly, in a compassionate society, we acknowledge that animals have a right to a good life, free from harm. In a humane Canada, our society and legal system recognizes animals as emotional beings with feelings who experience pain and suffering, and we take responsibility for their well-being. If animals are mistreated, there are consequences under the law.

These are the 7 indicators of a humane country:

  • Legal: Accountability in the law when animals are harmed

  • Representation: Animals' interests are factored into decisions that impact them

  • Consideration: We consider animals a part of our community, not commodities

  • Social: The human/ animal bond is recognized as key to healthy communities

  • Compassion: Compassion for animals is a core value in our society

  • Evidence: Animal welfare policy is informed by science and evidence

  • Responsibility: The general public is more accountable and compassionate