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The National Pet Food Bank map is an interactive resource that provides information on pet food assistance programs across Canada. Search the map by province, city, or postal code to find a list of local programs and information on how to access them. 

To Navigate the Map: 

1. Select the area to search (province/territory, city, postal code). 

2. Enter your location into the search box and press return. 

3. Select the desired location to find a pet food assistance program in your area.

*Reset the map by clicking the X in the search box.

If you are using a mobile device OR if the full map shows as "Pet Food Bank(s) found: None" on your current browser, please click here to view the map.

Data Maintenance 

If you would like to add, update, or remove your organization’s pet food bank information to or from the National Pet Food Bank map, please make a submission through the National Pet Food Bank Survey

Guidelines for Pet Food Assistance Programs

The National Pet Food Bank (NPFB) endorses the Toronto Humane Society’s donated pet food protocols as best practices for the intake and storage of donated pet food for pet food banks. The NPFB also encourages the use of pet food exclusively from unopened packages whenever possible. 

For more information, contact the National Pet Food Bank team at