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What began as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has evolved into Humane Canada, our federation of SPCAs and Humane Societies. For more than 65 years, we have united animal welfare advocates, organizations and the public with one voice. We’re incredibly proud of the impact we continue to have in influencing conversations, attitudes, and legislation surrounding animal welfare.

A symbol of trust

In 2022, Humane Canada was proudly recognized by Imagine Canada with their Standards Program’s prestigious Symbol of Trust. This distinction represents the highest level of excellence in nonprofit accountability, transparency, and governance

Vision & Mission

Our vision

A humane Canada.

Our mission:

To end animal cruelty, improve animal protection, and promote the humane treatment of all animals.

Our members and associates represent the largest animal welfare community in Canada. They combine to create a strong and unified national voice that speaks on behalf of animal welfare and to reach government, policymakers, and the greater public.

Our Shared Values:

  • Animal Welfare

    We believe that each animal deserves our respect, moral concern, humane treatment, and protection.
  • One Health/One Welfare

    We recognize that animal welfare is directly linked to human health, well-being, and environmental integrity.
  • Collaboration

    Together, we can have a greater impact in creating change. We can be part of the process, instead of just part of the conversation.
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

    We believe our movement is stronger because it’s driven by the culmination of our diverse knowledge, lived experiences, interests, and world views.
  • Positive, Progressive Change

    We are FOR animals. We engage in meaningful dialogues and lead impactful projects with diverse stakeholders across Canada that have a real impact on animal welfare.
  • Factual Thought Leadership

    We are an evidenced-based organization that believes innovative ideas are crucial to creating meaningful changes.

Guiding principles

  • We believe each animal possesses intrinsic value, remarkable complexity and inherent dignity and, as such, is deserving of respect and moral concern.

  • We advocate for universal humane treatment, care and protection of all animals.

  • We insist that all animals used by humans be provided with high levels of care to ensure their health, comfort and behavioural needs.

  • We advocate for habitat protection and enhancement for the well-being of animals in the wild.

What is Humaneness?

Humaneness means ensuring any animal’s welfare and well-being in all circumstances. Humane treatment precludes cruelty and involves every possible effort to avoid or reduce pain, suffering, or injury.

Humaneness also involves sensitivity toward all members of the animal kingdom in compliance with ethical, moral and legal principles. Humans who have care, custody, control or use of animals must be diligent in exercising this responsibility.


We are backed by the generosity of people who care about animals and organizations from across Canada.