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Humane Canada

Humane Canada, (previously known as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies,) is Canada’s federation of SPCAs and humane societies. We bring together organizations that work with and care for animals to end animal cruelty, improve animal protection and promote the humane treatment of all animals.

Since we were founded in 1957, we’ve earned our solid reputation and enviable credibility as the go-to national voice on animal welfare issues for industry, media, government, non-governmental organizations and the public. We work collaboratively and cooperatively with key stakeholders from across Canada, based on the premise that we can have a greater impact creating positive change by being a part of the process instead of being apart from it.


A humane Canada


To drive positive progressive change to end animal cruelty, improve animal protection and promote the humane treatment of all animals. 

As the convener and representative of the largest animal welfare community in Canada, we advance and elevate animal welfare with a strong national voice promoting the interests and concerns of animal welfare to government, policy makers, industry and the public.


We believe that each animal possesses intrinsic value, remarkable complexity and inherent dignity, and as such is deserving of respect, moral concern, humane treatment and protection.

We recognize that the health and welfare of animals is inextricably linked to human health and well-being and environmental integrity. We embrace a One Health/ One Welfare approach that considers the essential interconnectedness among these domains and relies on co-operation and partnership across disciplines.

We are a federation of organizations that recognizes we have more influence to impact key national animal welfare issues as a collective than as individuals. We work collaboratively and co-operatively with members, associates and diverse stakeholders based on the premise that we have greater impact creating positive change by being a part of the process.

We believe our movement is stronger when individuals of different racialized, ethnic, linguistic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds; abilities; worldviews; geographical origins; genders; and sexual orientations bring together their knowledge, lived experiences, interests and approaches for the benefit of animals in Canada.

We are FOR animals. We engage in constructive dialogue and processes with diverse stakeholders that result in improvements for animal welfare in line with societal expectations and advancing knowledge.

We are an evidenced-based organization that supports and promotes innovative and anticipatory thinking to address animal welfare issues and secure lasting change. We build integrated, strategic, professional teams that utilize systems thinking to create an effective organization and lasting change.

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Humane Canada depends on support from the public, our member organizations, foundation grants and corporate sponsorship to fund our critical work.

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