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Setting the Standard: National and Global Leadership in Animal Welfare

While Canada is widely considered to be a progressive, civilized country with plenty of laws on the books to protect its citizens, we have a poor record when it comes to protecting animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect. Humane Canada strives to ensure that we not only lead globally groundbreaking animal welfare legislation, but that we build on the examples from countries that have already updated or enacted effective animal welfare legislation and standards.

Harmony in Action: Advancing One Welfare with Humane Canada

Humane Canada stands at the forefront of the One Health/One Welfare initiative, emphasizing the interconnectedness of animal welfare with broader societal concerns such as health, social care, justice, and environmental sustainability. Our commitment to this holistic approach is integral to our legislative advocacy efforts. By driving reforms, we aim to address critical issues that impact animals, people, and our environment together, ensuring comprehensive solutions for a healthier and more humane country and world.

Our organization in dialogue and advocacy paves the way for transformative changes in legislation and societal norms, having successfully influenced considerable changes to federal animal protection law, including: