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You can help us phase out elephant and great ape captivity in Canada!

A black background with greyscale elephant, above reads The Elephant in the Room only works as a metaphor.

If passed, Bill S-15 would phase out the captivity of elephants and great apes in Canada, a significant step forward in animal welfare! These intelligent, sentient beings, known for their complex social structures and familial bonds, do not belong in captivity where they are often used for entertainment purposes. This practice is not only unethical but also incompatible with the values we hold as Canadians.

This legislation is a strong start, but there is room for improvement. Humane Canada is advocating for amendments that would completely ban captivity for elephants in Canada because it serves no conservation purpose to keep them here, as well as include big cats such as lions, cheetahs and tigers into the current bill’s framework. Additionally, we support a "Noah Clause" that would allow the government to add more species to this legislation in future as scientific understanding evolves, without undergoing the lengthy legislative process again.

Did you know that in some jurisdictions across this country, owning a tiger is legal? This and many other startling facts underline the urgent need for comprehensive animal protection.

Lend your voice to support and strengthen Bill S-15. Simply send this pre-written letter to the Prime Minister, the Senate, and Minister of Environment and Climate Change to let them know that we stand behind this bill as it is, and push for these crucial amendments to safeguard even more animals.

Sign the French petition here!