Companion animals are part of our family, we love them, we cherish them and we would do anything for them. However, as the financial crisis brought on by COVID-19 deepens, animal shelters throughout Canada are reporting an increasing need from the community – particularly for pet food. As government support programs end, we anticipate we will see more risk to companion animals of homelessness and abandonment.

Canadians love their companion animals, approximately 62% of us have at least one pet and we don’t want to let financial constraints to separate vulnerable families due to lack of access to pet food and basic pet supplies.

Support mechanisms are now needed to ensure that families can afford to keep their beloved companion animals and that our shelter system does not become overwhelmed by surrenders.  These supports include emergency food aid and veterinary care.

Humane Canada™ will run a pilot program with the goal of understanding the options that will best support individuals and the community by establishing a grant program for shelters to support the immediate needs of people who are experiencing financial challenges while determining how to set up Canada’s first national pet food bank program.

We intend to work with these three groups – food banks for humans, pet food and other retailers, and humane societies and SPCAs – to disperse food through multiple channels ensuring we can reach every animal in need.

What can you do to help?

Thanks to a recent grant, we have a set amount to get the program up-and-running. Our goal is to match the funds to increase our impact and reach every animal in need through the country.

With your financial donation you will:

  • Help vulnerable companion animals to stay with their families during the deepening financial crisis.
  • Help Humane Canada™ establish an effective, efficient and sustainable model for a cross-Canada pet food bank program providing short term aid to companion animal guardians experiencing financial hardship.