Companion Animals

Companion animals play a huge role in the lives of Canadians, and Humane Canada is dedicated to developing projects, programs and research focused on companion animal welfare.

Humane Canada conducts vital companion animal research, and publishes reports on key issues affecting companion animals.

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Humane Canada celebrates the human animal bond and recognizes the important role that non-human animals play in our lives.

Committees and Councils

As Canada’s trusted voice for animal welfare, Humane Canada advocates on behalf of animals to the public, industry, and government by sitting on multiple committees and councils.

Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association  Animal Welfare Committee

Humane Canada is an Ex-Officio member of the Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association (CVMA) –  Animal Welfare Committee. This committee promotes key animal welfare issues within the animal industry to government and the public. We also advise the CVMA on animal welfare issues and aid in the development of pertinent position statements.

The National Companion Animal Coalition (NCAC)

Formed in 1996, the NCAC promotes socially-responsible pet ownership and enhance the health and well-being of companion animals. In 2004, Humane Canada was instrumental in the NCAC’s harmonization of microchip systems for companion animals in Canada. Read more about harmonized microchip systems.