Focus Areas

Humane Canada is the national voice of humane societies and SPCAs, which serve animals in communities large and small, urban and rural, English and French, in every province and territory across Canada. We bring together those who work with and care for animals to promote respect and humane treatment toward all animals – in the home, on the farm, in the lab and in the wild.

Our work is focused in four areas:

Policy and Research

Humane Canada regularly consults and collaborates with representatives from government, industry and the non-profit sector to address key animal welfare challenges in Canada. Read our reports and publications here.

Animals and the Law

Humane Canada promotes the enactment of federal, provincial and municipal legislation that protects animals from cruelty and provides a framework to ensure animals are treated humanely and with respect.

Farmed Animals

Humane Canada plays a crucial role in farmed animal welfare in Canada. As a founding member of the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC), we advocate for continual improvements to the standards for farmed animal care that are included in Canada’s Codes of Practice. Humane Canada also campaigns for improvements to various regulations that govern the treatment of farmed animals.

Companion Animals

Humane Canada advocates on behalf of companion animals and promotes key companion animal welfare issues to the animal industry, government, and public. We regularly conduct research on companion animal welfare issues like overpopulation and homelessness, promote programs that save the lives of sheltered companion animals like Capacity for Care, and sit on various committees that enhance the health and well-being of companion animals like The National Companion Animal Coalition and the Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association Animal Welfare Committee.