Measuring Progress Toward a Humane Canada

We call ourselves Humane Canada™, and that’s because it’s our vision: building a humane country. But how do we know if we, as the animal advocacy movement, are making progress toward that goal?

After much reflection and consultation with experts across the country, Humane Canada™ has developed a list of indicators that will help us measure how we are progressing in a diversity of issues – issues that affect companion animals, farm animals, wild animals, animals used in science:  all animals.

While this list is not exhaustive and may not cover every single animal welfare concern, it is a way for us to assess the impact of our society’s legal system, policies and behaviours on animals.

We’ve organized the indicators into seven keystones that support the conception of a country that values animals – a humane Canada. They are:

  • the Legal keystone
  • the Representation keystone
  • the Consideration keystone
  • the Social keystone
  • the Responsibility keystone
  • the Evidence keystone, and
  • the Compassion keystone, from which all of the above flow.

Over the coming years, we will be measuring these indicators in order to evaluate our current status and progress toward ultimately achieving the goal of making Canada a more humane country.

If you are an animal welfare researcher, advocate or enthusiast, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can work together on this ambitious project!

To further learn more about the Animal Welfare Indicators, please click on the button below to review our document, Measuring Progress Toward a Humane Canada.

Please see our press release here.

This project was funded through the donations of the members of Women for Humane Canada.